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Our ambition is to map the broad spectrum of frameworks and attitudes towards scale, reflecting on how scalar thinking should orient our visions towards the future. We are interested in the role of scalar media, technologies, scientific theories, models and concepts in confronting the scalar disjunction between human sensory and cognitive capacities, and the scale of reality independent of our perception. We believe these questions are crucial to developing the multi-scalar thinking required to address some of the most urgent global issues including automation, planetary governance, or the climate crisis. This conference will therefore explore ways of framing the problem of mediating scale, and the stakes involved in addressing epistemological barriers to facing contemporary problems at an appropriate scale.


Dr Oliver Kenny

Lecturer in Film and Media

Institute of Communication Studies (ISTC), Université Catholique de Lille

Magdalena Krysztoforska

PhD Researcher in Philosophy of Technology

University of Nottingham


This event is hosted and funded by the Institute of Communication Studies (ISTC), which is affiliated with the Université Catholique de Lille.